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How to load THE SUB

Attach the tube

Take the tube from inside the TORP's cap and insert it into the mouth of the TORP. Push until you hear a click and make sure it's securely attached before loading the TORP into THE SUB.


Insert the TORP into THE SUB bottom end first. Using a pre-chilled (fridge temperature) TORP will speed up the cooling process to 2°C.


Open the cover of THE SUB's tap and lead the TORP's tube along the backside of the tap head. Place the tube's spout inside the tap head and click it into position. Make sure the tube is firmly attached on both ends and close the tap cover.


Close and lock THE SUB's door. The TORP should have a firm fit, but you shouldn't have to force the door. If the door does not close easily, make sure the TORP is properly placed as far back in its chamber as possible.


Right after loading a new TORP, prepare the pump by holding down the handle for a second until the pump activates. Release the handle to stop pouring. Your beer is ready to enjoy at 2°C when THE SUB's light turns green.


How to pour the perfect beer


Make sure the beer is cold enough to serve. The light on THE SUB will turn green when the beer has reached the right temperature. You can speed up the super-cooling by turning on THE SUB an hour before use and by using pre-chilled TORPS.


For the perfect draught, use a clean glass and rinse it with cold water.

TILT 45°

To pour like a pro, hold the glass at a 45 degree angle to THE SUB's tap. This helps to get the right foam level in the glass.


Keep your glass in position and pull the handle to pour. When the glass is almost full, slowly tilt the glass back upwards and push the handle to stop the pour. You can control the level of foam by increasing the angle of the glass for less foam or decreasing it for more. The perfect head is two fingers of foam.


Use a wet skimmer to cut off the foam crown on top of the glass. This creates a water seal that locks in the flavour.


SUB maintenance

SUB maintenance


Store TORPS below 30°C. Do not freeze or store in direct sunlight.

Unplug THE SUB when not in use.

Do not unload TORPS until they're empty.


Use a damp cloth to clean the cover of THE SUB.

Use a dry cloth to clean the cooling chamber of THE SUB®.

Clean the drip tray with hot water.


TORPS are made of PET and can be recycled alongside other plastics.

THE SUB® Heineken Edition
THE SUB® Heineken Edition

The Heineken-branded cover made of anodised aluminum gives an extra premium touch to Marc Newson's deluxe design. With THE SUB® you can pour the perfect beer at home.

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