This is our top three frequently asked questions , but we have many more answers to questions are available under FAQ.

How long can I keep THE TORP®?

THE TORP® has a shelf life of 6 months. The expiry date is printed or stickered on the sleeve on the side of THE TORP®.
THE TORP® should never be used after its expiry date.

How much beer is there in THE TORP®?
2,0 litres
How should I store THE TORP®?
Before use, keep THE TORP® in a cool dark place. If there's room in your fridge, keep a spareTORP® chilled and ready to use: set the fridge at the lowest temperature and put THE TORP® on the lowest shelf (this is the fridge's coldest area). DO NOT PLACE THE TORP® IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT, STORE THE TORP® BELOW 30 degrees and DO NOT FREEZE THE TORP®.